To Extract thumbnails from youtube Videos (Any Video)

enter the regular youtube URL of the video into the textbox below.

Your youtube URL should look like this:

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This is a tool that enables you to save YouTube thumbnail for free, in high resolution, in HD thumbnail images for free or the full size of the thumbnail,

All you have to do is paste the youtube video link whose thumbnail you want to save and click on the "Get YouTube Video thumbnail" button.

you can extract thumbnail from youtube video by use thumbnail saver for youtube thumbnail high-quality resolution downloading.

How to Save and Download thumbnail from Youtube Video

This is how to youtube thumbnails download, you can download any youtube thumbnail. To do this, the video must be public and you need the video ID.

You can get this from the display page URL and it will be a random mixture of numbers and letters after the equal symbol.

So check all of that and copy it. In the new browser tab,

you need to type the following URL. All you have to do is replace your 'YouTube Video ID' with the actualvideo ID:

https: //

Once inserted, you should be able to press Enter or click on Go and you should now see the thumbnail for that video. This is how to download youtube thumbnail.

But you have to be careful about why you are doing this. If you only want it for your personal use, let's say you look at a larger version of the youtube thumbnail

and see if there are any good strategies and tactics you can use for thumbnails, that's fine. It's when you want to use it for commercial or broadcasting purposes.

Remember, a creator's video is copyrighted material and the same is true for the youtube thumbnail images.

So if you want to use this youtube thumbnail in your content, you need to ask permission from the video maker.

Of course, you can use thumbnails in your content and claim fair use as educational or transformative content, but that's a topic for another youtube video

What is a youtube thumbnail?

The youtube thumbnail are implemented on youtube videos as smaller, separate, and duplicate copies of the first image,

in part because the motivation for the thumbnail of the video on the online youtube is to reduce the transfer speed and download time.

Some website professionals produce thumbnails using HTML or client-side scripting that has the client software shrink the image, rather than using a smaller version of the thumbnail.